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It's developed truly well when you consider the price. Do not anticipate it to be constructed like a high-end mod, and I wouldn't dare drop the iStick, but to be frank, I 'd believe Eleaf could've gotten away with charging 2x as much for this-- and even at that cost it still would've been less expensive than many others at this power range and build quality
It feels fairly sturdy and solid, but it does have a pretty substantial button rattle that you hardly even need to shake the mod to hear. But at this price, that rattle need to simply remind you of all the money saved!
Lastly, the iStick 100 Watt mod has one of the best battery doors for these kinds of mods! Having simply examined the Sigelei 150 Watt TC, I can state that this battery door is significantly much better than the Sig's. The iStick 100 Watt's battery door is hung on by 2 small pair of exceptionally strong, circular magnets. These magnets are like little bullies! Seriously. The battery door snaps into location like it's gotten pimp smacked.

Keep in mind: I am aware that the battery door or the Sigelei 150 Watt TC weighs more than the iStick 100 (about 33 grams to 20 grams), so it's not an apples to apples contrast, but even still, the magnets ought to be as strong as they need to be to keep things securely intact. The iStick 100 Watt has that in spades. The battery door will * not * unintentionally come off!


As I said in my intro, this mod is extremely simple to utilize. It's an iStick after all. It functions similar to the other iSticks. The primary distinction with this one and the other VW/VW iSticks is that it's got loads of power and the user provides the batteries

Here's a quick rundown of the features and how to utilize them:.

To turn the mod on, rapidly click the fire button 5 times.
To move in between VV and VW, when the mod is on, quickly click the fire button three times.
To lock the adjustment buttons, all at once press them both for 3 seconds (the exact same to turn unlock it).
To change the screen to a left-handed view, when the mod is off, concurrently press the modification buttons for three seconds.

iStick 100W Temperature Controlled Box Mod When firing the mod, the regular readout switches to a second counter that will stop shooting at 10 seconds.
That's it! Hell, I never make use of or pay attention to any of those 'functions' except to turn on the damned thing. It's one of those mods that all you have to do is to take it out of the box, pop the batteries in, click the button 5 times and pick your atty.


Exactly what I like about the overall aesthetics of the device is that it is not tripping over itself to look hip. I believe too many mods are created to look 'cool' and, not just wind up missing the mark however, end up looking downright ugly. This mod keeps it easy, and while it might not make any individual drool, it also won't make any individual want to throw up!
The Eleaf iStick 100 Watt currently comes in 2 colors: shimmery silver and matte black. I do not like the shimmery silver, however for this rate, I would not care if it was glittery pink ... okay, that's a lie
The top of the mod is a bit over 22 mm, however it's so slight I don't even notice it. This could be an advantage for those that have atties in the 23-24 mm variety-- I can only think that those would not have any hang-over, or would have hardly any
Eleaf 100W Temperature Controlled Box Mod Like all the iStick mods, both the leading and the bottom of the mod are chrome (genuinely mirror-like; I guess it's cool to see your mouth and nose while you vape?). But here, instead of being more oval shaped like in the older models, now it's slightly hour-glassed shaped. A refined modification and it looks good.
Power of the iStick 100 Watt.

I do not have any equipment or knowledge to test these kind of aspects of a gadget-- all I have is my atomizers, drip tips and my sense of sensation. For exactly what I can tell, whatever watts I have actually set on this device feels the same as on my other gadgets set to the same power
Note: No issues with my atomizer checking out high or low.


The screen is effectively lit. It's brighter than the other iSticks and I do not have any problems reading it in brilliant lighting. It's the very same design as the other iSticks and if I needed to gripe, I 'd say that the atomizer resistance readout is a bit small. However honestly, I do not too often have to check out that (or the screen in basic) since after I put my atty on and see that everything is taking a look at, I set it and forget it.
Menu Toggle.

No "round-robin" as Pbusardo says, however holding down the change buttons will get you to where you desire at a decent-enough speed, unless you wish to go from 5 watts all the method up to 100 watts, where case it will take you over 23 seconds. I think of that the majority of people won't be making those type of jumps though.

The 510 Connection.

Spring-loaded copper 510 pin. A few of my atties sit flush and others do not (I think that is because the 510 has an ever-so-slightly raised collar). However the atties I have that don't sit flush just have a hairline space-- absolutely nothing to yawp about.
Charge Port.

iSmoka iStick 100 Watt Temp Control Vape Mod It's on the bottom of the mod. And when I say "bottom," I do not mean it's near the bottom, it's on the bottom-- meaning under the mod. That's unbelievably wacky to put it there, however anyway, I am not exactly sure why any individual would wish to charge a dual-18650 mod via a charge port when it has replaceable batteries. I guess if you are out and about it may make sense (if you don't have any back-up batteries), however I'll likely never use it.

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